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Deconstruction of stereotypes on sex trades

As we know, the internet has been a revolution. This has enabled many workers to reintegrate or reorient themselves, or even to extend their activity. But it also created a number of jobs. In the end, it had both good and bad sides. Today, internet applications allow you to do your shopping, make an appointment with your doctor, and also meet new people. In the end, if the internet has created so many changes… Why not that of the adult world? (or sex industry)

In fact, this digitization of society has completely redefined sex work. Now, if you are looking for sex workers, or just looking for one-night stands, you can find it all.

The role of the internet for sex workers 

sex workers

The Internet has allowed sex workers to:

  • Maximize their profits (escort girls are well paid, compared to other professions which we will not discuss here because they are illegal and dangerous)
  • Find new platforms
  • Reach a much wider audience (and thus increase the “sex offer”)
  • Have more control (you can find out about customers, etc.)
  • Reduce risks (routes, customer history on a platform, etc.)

For the general public and in general opinion, sex work directly means “prostitution”. Even today, with the social and cultural advancements of our modern world. However, this industry has progressed enormously in recent years.

We can say that the modern definition of the sex trade is no longer “paid sex”... But it is much broader. Sex work in the modern world is an adult who receives money in exchange for consensual sex… Or erotic practice and/or service! Our Paris escort girls are the perfect example. Someone can work in the sex industry, without ever having made love

Agree, it is paradoxical and improbable. But theoretically, it is quite possible.

And we explain how, later in this (short) article.

Escort girls, escort boys

Of course, we start with that. The one we're promoting here. The term escorting is used to cover a wide range of services, sexual or not.

There are also different types of escort, independents, or those who choose to go through specialized agencies.

First scenario: the escorts will be able to manage every aspect of their professions: the sale and promotion of their services (using the figures of their sources of exposure, therefore social networks for example). They will also be able to make appointments and make arrangements, communicate with their customers directly online.

Second scenario: The escorts who use the services of the agencies will not have to promote themselves, since the agency will take care of it directly. All the preparations (from the validation of the client profile to making an appointment - up to the planning of the latter) are all easy steps - if not completely taken care of, by the agencies.

On the client side: you can hire an escort for certain services (which he or she offers) for a specific period of time. You also have the choice to go out in the town, or to go to your escort (or directly to your home, if there has been an agreement upstream between you and your escort). For the meeting place, it is according to the will of the escort that you will choose.

In the end, the ratings awarded will still be very important for the escort, since they provide information on their credibility and the quality of their service. They will therefore be very important to have more customers and to be perceived as a trusted service provider.

It is also worth remembering that among all its services, the escort service is the most varied. Let me explain: it is in this branch of the sex trade that we really accept the most variety. Escorts can be straight, gay, transgender, etc… And another advantage of this job is that their fantasies can sometimes come to life with clients!

Webcam sex

As promised, here's the exact way you can offer sex…without even getting touched. Or touch another person.

The term “Camgirl” has been around for a few years now. It simply designates a woman who will use her webcam to offer an erotic, performance service. Let me explain: concretely, a woman turns on her webcam, and performs, in front of people. His audience can interact in a chat, and with donations, or “tips”, he can submit his desires. Or, the camgirl can rely on her imagination, and set levels: “for such an amount, I perform such a sexual act in front of you”. That, in broad outline, is what sex by webcam is all about.

You should know that there are several platforms specializing in this kind of service. Also note that for these content creators (or performers) these sites often offer a subscription system, which rewards you for example by giving you access to private shows of your camgirl.

These services have an obvious success, seeing that, like the music industry, more and more sex “performers” and “performers” are freeing themselves from the big brands, and becoming independent. s.

offer sexual services

X actors and actresses


Here we are really talking about performance since the sex is indeed performed and done but in front of a camera. So there are breaks, editing, etc. The scenes are filmed, then distributed on large platforms and distributors on the Internet, on TV channels, or even in sex shops. Digital makes the adult industry more accessible than ever while allowing content creators and actors and actresses to be paid well to see very well. Of course, for the actors, the internet and digitization allow them almost complete autonomy, with the possibility of becoming independent (and therefore of going through their own website for the distribution of their content).