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How to Sexter as a Pro

Thanks to the digital age, sex is now a very accessible facade for everyone. It allows us to maintain our sentimental, romantic, or flirtatious relationships at a distance. But also to meet people without going through more conventional and difficult routes, such as speed dating, which has become rather obsolete.

You can even excite your partner from a distance, with just a few messages and photographs (a little naughty of course).

What is sexting?

Sexting brings together all the terms that relate to sex with the phone as a tool: sexting, sexting, etc. It can also go through other tools like your computer or your tablet (the most creative will go up to using dedicated messaging systems on video game consoles, etc.).

It is a very common type of communication since it is fun, intuitive, easy to access, provocative, and above all: it prepares people very well for sexual activity. Naked, daring, and provocative photos of you can very well excite your interlocutor even before your first meeting.

This is also an option that we recommend when you contact our Tescort Rennes. Sexting is a very commonly used means of remote foreplay!

But that's not all, according to serious studies published in American universities, sexting is not just a means of flirting. It is also a tool to increase your self-confidence! Since the person opposite may be (pleasantly) surprised if you follow our professional advice, you will gain self-confidence.

sexting isn't just a way to flirt

The judgment of the other on the photos of oneself makes it possible to be reassured as to one's physical and sexual capital.

What forms do sexts take?

There is mainly one category of sexting, but in the following list, we will show you that you have not thought of all the options that sexting allows.

Here are the different forms of sexting:

  • Naked photos, or completely naked
  • Naked videos, or completely naked
  • Naughty messages, or exciting innuendos
  • Live or chat with your device's webcam

There are many more, which you will discover in the rest of this article!

Tips for sexting like a pro:

There are no rules for sexting. It's something about everyone's personal feelings, preferences, and strengths. If you have an impressive, well-trimmed body, you'll probably want to show it off, which makes sense.

But this is not the case for everyone, and everyone has their unique way of approaching sexting, of sending sexual messages to a person in the face to make them understand their intentions, even to provoke them...

However, there are very effective tips about sexting, which can familiarize you with this culture, strengthen your confidence, and above all gain efficiency, so that your sexts will have the effect of a bomb in the eyes of your interlocutor.

Are you looking to excite a woman with seductive messages? If you answered yes, then carefully read the following tips to learn and improve your sexting game.

1 - Send a nude or an attractive nude photo

Nudes are the most popular photos: it's a bit like the holy grail of sexting. And inevitably, this is what excites him the most. But this option, although very advantageous (and hot), is not for everyone.

First of all, you must have confidence in yourself, in each other, and that you both feel comfortable with your body, your image, and the attraction of the other.

It is also a way to provide masturbation equipment to your interlocutor so that your image never leaves his mind. If you want to take a nude, here are some steps to follow scrupulously, to succeed in your shots.

Remember to take photos of the erogenous zones of your body: your buttocks, your thighs, your abdomen, your chest, etc. A close-up photo of your penis is not the first option to have in mind, and it is not. certainly not the most exciting.

Do not forget to put a small mention -18 or TW before sending your photo, so that the receiver does not display the photo surrounded by prying eyes.

Sometimes you can start with a photo that is not completely nude: uncover a part of your body, to let the imagination do its job.

But in any case: don't send a nude unless you feel comfortable, and never send a nude under pressure.

2 - The emoji, a driving force behind sexting

The emoji is a common way to increase the excitement even more. The different faces and characters are very well known for their sexual interpretation, which can therefore convey your intention without saying everything.

This is the strength of emojis: not revealing too much, without hiding your true intentions, and without being too aggressive.

The eggplant and banana emoji are used for the penis. The cat represents the vagina, and the peach represents the buttocks. Water drops can embody perspiration as well as ejaculation. For example, if you want to symbolize cunnilingus, you can use the smiley sticking out its tongue.

These are not the only codes that exist, the cigarette can symbolize… fellatio (a pipe). All of these emojis can help you maintain some modesty if you sext in public, so you don't have to face unwelcome looks who would have read the hot content of your messages!

3 - The erotic fantasy

some fantasies like BDSM

But here it is: the language of Molière is rich and allows you to describe almost anything beautifully. This is why descriptive sexting is common and very appealing.

If you are not angry with French, and you have certain fantasies like BDSM or anal, then this is a perfect way to talk about it with your interlocutor.

You will therefore be able to know if the other has the same desires as you, without being direct. Filling your messages with sexual innuendo is a very clever way to turn each other on. 

This is the most effective sexting to start testing the waters with your interlocutor, without sinking into troubled waters!