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Problems that affect our sex life

Problems that affect our sex life


It was crazy to love, but for a while now things haven't been the way they were before. Before I couldn't wait to get home, she was always smiling and everything came naturally. Now we are always tired, the children constantly ask for attention, we even argue sometimes, and there is barely enough time for our daily chores. Sexual life is not the same. I realize that I can go weeks without touching my wife.

Times, when one or both partners suffer from decreased sexual desire, are often frustrating and affect the couple's life. However, libido is influenced by a wide range of psychological and physiological factors.

Before you blame your partner and you go home an escort Lyon, here are the most common problems that affect our sex life.

  • The stress

Maybe you are one of those people who can better and more effectively solve things under pressure. But under stress, it's hard to feel sexy. Stress at work, financial problems, caring for a little one who has just contracted measles and other similar situations can drastically reduce libido. There are a number of techniques to help keep stress under control, and your doctor can help.

  • Couple problems

The unresolved issues facing couples are big enemies of our sex life. For an escort girl Lyon, in particular, emotional proximity is an important ingredient in terms of sexual desire. Frequent quarrels, lack of communication, deception of trust, all this is an obstacle to intimacy and affects sex life.

  • Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are known for their quality of disinhibition. But not always a drink or two before bedtime has the desired effect. Sometimes alcohol can even suppress sexual desire and your partner may even be squeamish if you overdo it.

  • Insufficient sleep

If sexual relations with a Lyon escort girl in the evening, before bedtime, or in the morning are rare, you risk going to bed too late or waking up too early. You may also suffer from insomnia or sleep apnea. Anything that affects your sleep will also affect your sex life. Lack of sleep leads to exhaustion and exhaustion is not at all reconciled with libido.

  • Opinion about your own body

It's hard to feel sexy if you don't appreciate your own body. Shame, the feeling of being too fat or too weak, even if it is not, are feelings that decrease sexual desire. If your partner experiences such feelings, you can encourage them and help them feel good about themselves again, which will implicitly invigorate your sex life.

  • Dyserection

Erectile dysfunction is another type of sexual disorder besides the loss of libido. Most of them can be resolved, by following the doctor's instructions. But most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction worry about their sex life, but it is precisely this concern that can be the enemy that kills pleasure.

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