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Sexual positions in the shower

Why are we afraid of having sex for the first time with a new partner?


Sex positions in the shower


When we have a new partner, inevitably comes the time when we become intimate. For many people, the first night of love with a new partner can be difficult and even embarrassing. Let's see why we, men and women, are afraid of the first sexual intercourse with a new partner or an escort girl in Paris.

If you are very selective about sexual partners, it means that you have reached an emotional maturity that allows you to make wise decisions in the area of ​​love. But it can also mean that more than a year has passed since the last acrobatics between the sheets. As a result, sex with someone new, someone you really love and would like to bring home a second time, comes with an endless chain of questions. When the time comes to undress, will he like what he sees? And will you still feel attracted to him? These questions are also encountered by men, even in the case of a Paris escort girl.

  • Are we going to spend the night together?

This is a thought of women, who feel the need to be caressed and pampered even after sex. Usually, men feel the need to be alone after a new conquest and do not spend the night with their new partner.

Sex Positions in the Shower - Face to Face

  • Will he like my body?

Both men and women are obsessed with how they are viewed by their partners. We know very well that sex is also based on physical attraction, so if your partner doesn't like your body, they might not feel good during sex.

  • Is he satisfied?

Even if this question is more in the mind of the man, who wonders if he has satisfied his partner escort girl Paris, now women are thinking about it. We know very well that men can orgasm more easily than us women, but that doesn't mean we aren't interested in our partner's feelings.

Sex Positions In The Shower - Is It Too Early?

  • Is it too early?

No one can tell you when is the perfect time to have sex for the first time. There are people who want to see from the first week if they are sexually compatible and there are people who can wait longer until the first intercourse. It only depends on you and how you feel in the company of the other!

  • What if I'm laughing at myself?

After spending a long time with the same partner, we are afraid that maybe the new partner does not like the way we make love. We are used to having sex in a certain way, in which the old partner liked him, and his favorite movements can be unpleasant for the new partner. If you don't know what to do and are in trouble, let your partner guide you.

  • Can I trust him?

For women, it is very important to trust our partners. A man who is not trustworthy or who tells about sexual adventures with different women will be rejected by the fairer sex.

Sex Positions in the Shower - Can I Trust Him?

Sex positions in the shower that you can test with an escort

Why not enjoy the pleasures of sex even in a hot or cold rain in your own shower? We give you the best sex positions in the shower that you can try with your partner or an escort girl in Paris!

  • Lying in the bathtub

For this position, you will need a fairly small tub that you both can fit into. He is lying in the tub and you sit on top with your back to your partner. The movements should be circular and the woman controls the sexual intercourse.

  • Doggie style

And this classic position can be applied in the tub or in the shower. She sits on his knees and his hands as he enters her back.

  • Face to face

In the case of this sex position, you have to be very careful because you can slide quite easily. The partners sit face to face and the woman lifts one of her legs a little or supports her by the tub or other object around her.

  • From behind

The woman stands in front of the man, her back to him. She can bend down a bit or lift one leg, allowing herself to be penetrated. Hands-free, the man can play with the breasts or the clitoris of the woman.

  • Sexe oral

Sex positions in the shower - oral sex

And oral sex is a great way to enjoy a hot shower together. Oral sex can be the prelude, and continue your adventures in bed or in another room of the house. To practice oral sex with an escort girl in Paris, make sure you have made the best choice in terms of hygiene.