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Sexual positions to which women are extremely attracted

Sexual positions that women are extremely attracted to


There are a lot of sex positions, some very comfortable and easy to practice, others complicated and requiring certain gymnastic qualities. Today we will only discuss the most comfortable and correct positions for libertine escort women who wish to enjoy intimate closeness with their partner. Men, know that Lille escorts are also crazy about these sexual positions!

  • On the chair

He sits in a chair and you sit on his knees, feet on either side of his pelvis, letting him enter you. Pick a chair below so you can get up and control sex and movement on your own. Your boyfriend can kiss you at will!

  • The spider

This position can be practiced in almost any place, in bed or on the floor, when you want to change places. Your boyfriend is sitting on his back and you are on top, leaning on his feet (somewhere at shoulder level) and his hands (somewhere near his knees). Here you can take turns having full control over intercourse, fully enjoying the sensations. Your boyfriend will be very happy with this position because he has a dream view.

  • This horse

Your boyfriend is lying on his back and you sit on him, but with your back to him. Control the intensity of the movements as you like and enjoy an intense orgasm. Your boyfriend can stimulate you anal if you like him.

  • On the sofa

This position requires a little flexibility on your part, but it will certainly take you to the heights of pleasure. He sits on the chair and you sit on top, his libertine legs resting on his shoulders. You can either sit lightly on your back, letting your boyfriend massage your breasts or clitoris, or get as close to your boyfriend as possible, ensuring deeper penetration.

Sex in 3 is a completely normal fantasy, both for libertine escort women and men. You shouldn't be ashamed of this desire, but talk to your partner about it and implement it, if you both agree. We present you some sexual positions for sex in 3!

Sexual positions for sex in 3 with libertine escorts

  • The train

This position is ideal when two women and a man are involved in sex. One of the women sits on her back, the other gives her a blowjob, while the man penetrates the second woman from behind. In this way, no one is excluded from sexual activity.

  • Double penetration

In this case, there will be two men and one woman. One of the men is lying on his back, the woman above and the other man above the escort. This position will allow both anal and vaginal penetration and you will soon feel the orgasmic pleasures offered by this sexual position.

  • Sexe oral

Another suitable position for parties where there are two men and an escort from Lille is as follows: one of the men sits on the back, the woman gives him an unforgettable blowjob, and the other penetrates the woman from behind. This position is very similar to the train.

  • Maximum pleasure

This position will give the man maximum pleasure if there are two women. One of the Lille escorts and the man are going to have sex from behind, standing. The man will keep his legs apart, and the other woman will stroke and kiss his testicles, ensuring an orgasm for days.

  • With a witness

Some men uninitiated in the secrets of threesome sex have this experience at first seeing another couple doing the 69 positions, then they also participate in the sexual act itself, sitting behind the escort and penetrating her from behind. Of course, at some point, your partners and positions can change at any time to intensify and please everyone during the game.

Eager to have fun, libertine escorts will always know their favorite sexual positions. Now all you have to do is show them that you are open to diversification. Some escorts prefer threesome sex, others foursome or even with more partners. On Tescort.com, you can find open-minded libertine escorts who want to satisfy their clients in every way.

Being one of the most tempting sex positions, for position 69, it must be taken into account that it can be done either with two partners and one partner and two partners and one partner. Position 69 is considered a real spicy fantasy for an unforgettable night with an escort or two.