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The most surprising sexual obsessions - weird fetishes of women

Most Surprising Sexual Obsessions - Bizarre Female Fetishes


Fetishism can be a vast and diverse field for libertine escort women, not just for men as is often thought. Just as women can have ordinary love fetishes, they can surprise with unusual fantasies. If you are an open-minded person who is not afraid of being misjudged and labeled, there is no reason to hide unusual sexual fantasies that you constantly think about from your partner.

Amazing fetishes of daring women

  • Sober location

One of the unique sexual fantasies that can amaze libertine escort women is the one related to sex in an abandoned house or a cemetery. Many women want to experience love in a strange place, just to feel the spirit of adventure and adrenaline. If you are one of them, be careful how you suggest such a match to your partner, as their reaction could be negative.

  • Sadomasochism

You've probably heard of sadomasochism and the fact that many libertine escorts want to be pulled by the hair slapped and punched at romance parties. If you want to be treated that way when you are having a passionate time with your boyfriend, you have to do it in such a way that you find a way to tell half your fantasy, without him being afraid and running away. . Hit first, then slowly, slowly, try to evoke your obsession.

escort libertines

  • Dirty sex

Besides the pleasure of hearing dirty words, many libertine escort women want to have sex in a neglected place, where they get dirty from head to toe. These places can be both car services and car washes. This type of obsession can be fulfilled with great difficulty, which is why it is recommended not to reveal yourself to your partner until you have found the perfect place for this kind of extraordinary love.

  • Love in public

Not many people could have sex in a pub, on a bench in the park, or even in the city center, but some libertine escort women want and dream of doing it. Out of a desire to be completely different from the others around them and out of a need to surprise, they constantly think of a love match in front of the world.

Of course, such a fantasy cannot be realized, at least not easily or legally, especially since the police do not allow such behavior. So, if you have this kind of obsession, it would be better to try and forget about it, because you might never put it into practice, especially if you don't want trouble with the law.

  • Anal sex

The anal sex can be classified as a surprise favorite because it is something that few people would. Even though this technique of love is very widespread from an informational point of view, very few people have the courage to maintain such intimate relationships. If you have such a fantasy and your partner does not want to satisfy your obsession, then do not think about breaking up, because most men refuse such a game.

  • Cumshot on face

Until now, you would have thought that only men can have the fantasy of ejaculating on the face of the woman they are having sex with, but libertine women want it too. Some representatives feel the need to be dominated in almost every way, which is why, by ejaculating on their faces, they make one of their fantasies come true. If you also have such an obsession, then don't hesitate to communicate it to your boyfriend, as he is unlikely to be reluctant to do so.

  • Licked eyes

sexual fantasies that you have to try

Just as some women want to have their toes sucked, others dream of licking their eyes. This technique is appreciated and considered normal in some parts of the world, but if you have such a sexual fantasy, you must propose to your boyfriend as subtly, tender, and shy as possible, so that he does not feel the pressure of your leaves to do it. Let him decide if he feels ready to do it in bed, and if he's not giving positive signals, accept and move on.

Finally, with the help of this article, you have discovered what fetish is and many types of sexual fantasies that you must try, some more common, some out of the ordinary. Remember that it is very important that when you find out that you have a sexual obsession to talk about it with the people closest to your life and not be afraid of your partner's reaction to hearing a fantasy. extraordinary. If she's the right person for you, she'll be okay with seeing you happy no matter what she has to do to please you, but don't ask for the impossible.