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What do the men say about the escorts?

What do the men say about the escorts? Here are the real reasons why they prefer sex to money!

sex with a prostitute or a student

  1. They want to go out with a woman much sexier than her partner

It sounds painful, but I am honest when I say that the most attractive women I've had sex were prostitutes. I do not even think I could sleep with ridiculously beautiful women so I did not pay for sex. This was all the more surprising that the men chosen for research were beautiful, successful in the professional field and had no problem with the ability to be loved by potential partners for sex. But they agreed on one thing: the easiest way to get there quickly, without a headache in bed with a beautiful woman or a young student in this area is the pay.

  1. They want control

I take care of my wife in bed in the same way, even if I have to call for escorts. As for the escort, I expect to receive the benefits of the escort, because I pay. And for this reason, I am not afraid to ask for more in this sexual relationship, which can sometimes be with a student - that would be one of the representative answers. For the second reason, an important thing for a man is that he prefers to pocket the money for this type of service. Men have also stated that "it's exciting to ask anyone at a sex party with an escort, even a student, without one it asks questions without objections. Of course, this does not provide the emotional part,

  1. They want to perform a sexual fantasy

"There are times when I want to try new things, things cataloged by my ex-girlfriend as perversions. When I give money to a woman, I do not have to worry about when and how I want to satisfy my fantasy and nothing surprises them "- explained one of the men who frequent these sexual services. At the same time, another person said he had never had better oral sex until he had paid for the services of an escort, even though she was a student.

  1. Individuals who want to make the fastest possible sex

Having sex with a prostitute is simple: without obligation, you can choose the woman you love before having sex, and they can come to your door. Nothing's easier. In addition, men reported various methods by which they come into contact with prostitutes, direct visits to brothels to sites specializing in coaching.

  1. They want to avoid any kind of complications

I want to make love without pretending really interested in a woman. When you pay for sex, you do not do well in the hope that at the end of the evening you will have the chance to get his telephone number. You pay, you make love, she leaves, everyone is happy. Many of them admitted that they would rather have sex with a prostitute or a student in this area rather than a woman who wants more than a few hours of love from them.