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Why men prefer to pay for sex

Why men prefer to pay for sex dating escort

An important issue related to the attraction of gender transition is that most of these interactions are simple, the less emotion.

Although men who visit prostitutes are often listed as misogynistic or insensitive, a recent study by meeting escort shows that at least half of the men are couples and many want an emotional connection.

New information shows that men who pay for sex are not the perverse and negative characters that the company catalog. However, two researchers found that many of them are family members seeking privacy.

By publishing a questionnaire on the websites of escort Monaco and sending an email to users, it was found that 446 people in total had answered the questionnaire, 97% of men. The majority (61%) were between 31 and 50 years. Almost half (48%) of them were in a relationship, including generally solid marriages.

In this study, "there were also doctors, there were farmers, civil servants, cashiers, accountants, electricians and business leaders." Most (85%) of men paying for a dating escort. From what they have discovered, most prefer one or two escorts because they "can form friendships based on trust. "

What do they say about this? The men who go to escorts in Monaco?

For example, one of the men interviewed by researchers has a different opinion and said that questions the social institution of marriage and explains how his relationship with prostitutes is more than sex. He often speaks to women who pay for sex. "I feel that part of me is happy about that sex and dating escort, this contact between people," he said.

Moreover, people have said that the main reasons to pay for sex are the ability to have more sexual partners (47%), the opportunity to explore the principles of sexuality and nearly half (41% ) are not satisfied, because he must hide the encounter escort. Thirty-five percent of them said they would not repeat the experience and would go to prostitutes if they were a couple, but they fight with the 48% that are already in a relationship.

As long as a relationship does not meet the need for privacy sexually, why continue it? A specialist in the field told us that there were several reasons: perhaps these men have children or there is too big a financial link to be broken, or they can be met on all other Plans except sex.

There are many reasons why some pay for sex, apart from sleeping with another person. Part of the lure of transactional sex is that these interactions are simpler and have fewer emotional baggage than a love story, even overnight. Some men have rationalized their behavior: if sex is paid, is it still count?

Paying for sex can be a way to reduce mental problems, such as depression, anxiety, and monotony. The specialist points out that such behavior is often difficult to control. Patients who use them want to take control of the habit of going to prostitutes. The meeting escort paid is good stress, but under control, according to experts.