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Are you ready for your first sexual experience?

Each person is unique, so expectations are adapted to the personality of each partner. There is currently the possibility of creating the conditions to live an experience adapted to your expectations.

A few answers to the most important questions will help you see how ready you are for the first sexual experience.

How to know if you are ready for your first sexual experience.

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What is the time?

The timing is up to you, the perfect time is when you're ready.

  • Whether it's your decision, without letting yourself be influenced by those around you or by what you see on TV.
  • Be informed from reliable sources (such as seeing a doctor) about all the physical and emotional implications that may arise after the first meet escort in Monaco.
  • When you have answers to all questions about female and male anatomy and psychosexuality.
  • When you discovered sexually transmitted diseases (BTS).

With whom?

Choose to have the first escort meeting with a person you trust, find out if the partner with whom you start your sex life has a previous experience.

  • Ideally, it would be with the person with whom you share the same feelings of affection, mutual affection, and mutual desire.
  • If you choose to do it "with anyone" - you have a good chance of being disappointed.


  • Choose a safe place where it is comfortable and beautiful.
  • Avoid occasions when alcohol is consumed or smoked.
  • Avoid public places and foreign homes - you could get into trouble or become a victim.


To start, it is important to educate yourself. There you will find a lot of information on sexuality and intimate relationships.

  • Discuss what the two of you would like to do or feel during a Monaco escort date.
  • Keep in mind the importance of foreplay, because girls need more tenderness, with defloration for most of them a step of more spiritual than physical value.
  • Silk is very careful and does not ignore questions related to personal hygiene.

Choose safe sex, use a condom, so you can avoid BTS and unwanted pregnancies.

If you are with the person who inspires you with confidence, relax, silk tender, and receptive to whatever is happening.

What to expect?

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  • The first experience is not always like in the movies or the books, it is something natural during an escort meeting. Here comes the importance of mutual feeling which offers the possibility of a discussion in the couple.
  • Quality sex play cannot be defined by rules, because each person is unique, has their own expectations and pleasures for escort dating. Talk openly about what you'll like and what you want.

Penetrating pain has several causes:

 - The contraction of the pelvic muscles with the contraction of the vagina and the impossibility of penetration, occurs when the partner does not feel safe;

- The lack of lubrication characterized by the fact that the vulva and the vagina remain dry, occurs when a woman is frightened or insufficiently aroused for the escort meeting on Tescort.com.

The pain is reduced if the foreplay is taken into account, it also allows to discover the erogenous zones.

The bleeding which occurs during defloration occurs when the hymen (thin membrane at the level of the vaginal opening) breaks. In some young women, however, the hymen may be so thin that it will rupture without bleeding or be a very elastic hymen, and in this case, the bleeding may be absent.

Due to a lack of information, some adolescents who do not see the "signs" of a "successful" sexual act tend to accuse their partner of not having had their first sexual experience.

Infectious complications can occur later, being caused by various sexually transmitted pathogens (Chlamydia, herpes, genital warts, HIV / AIDS) are among the most common diseases to avoid.

These will cut you off from the urge and euphoria with which you start your sex life.

A virgin's biggest fear before sex is pain. If you want to lose your fear, decrease your pain, you can read this article, with little tips, I'm just a magician.

The pain can be little or not at all, this aspect is related to the thickness and the structure of the hymen, but also to the patience of the partner. It is recommended to take you gently, if he is not listening to you, give him two slaps and remind him that no one has fucked you so far.

An important factor in reducing the pain, of course, is foreplay, remember, the sleigh without snow doesn't slide even if you let it go up the hill. Foreplay is very important to lubricate the vagina, long foreplay is recommended until you are all wet, once wet he can try, if it hurts, take a break, you can go back to foreplay, so as to not stay in vain, so come back to defloration, I repeat, you have to take it very slowly if you don't want to hurt yourself, slowly and patiently.